How to Select the Best Fabrics for Bed

When you want a cozy place to curl up in the night after a hard day’s work, you wouldn’t want to end with coarse and pilling sheets. This happens to all sheets no matter what after a period if they are of low quality if you buy the one with very fine threads especially of the linen, you would have some respite and found out that it is more durable after every wash. It is not just having the cool designer bed sheets; the level of comfort is prime for you to good sleep. A well-deserved sleep is what all would love to have provided a soft and comfy sheet is there. Choose from Microfiber vs cotton.

Knowing your fibers

The use of cotton sheets really dates back many years. It has been a constant in many households, and many swear by them, till date people still continue to use them even after the advent of synthetic fibers which can never give the same feel and comfort of cotton though useful so many other ways than the former. When you use good quality linen for your sheets, they are definitely bound to last if well managed perhaps years, though faded and worn a little yet comfy and smooth as usual.

There came a time when microfibre came and it was when alternatives were researched so that we could make something better and decrease the dependence on the natural materials. It has become quite popular and widely used in many industries and products which we make use of in our everyday life. The reason microfibers are popular

  • Softness
  • Toughness
  • Absorption
  • Water repellent
  • Electrostatic
  • Filtering capacity

Best Fabrics for BedBest Fabrics for Bed

The microfiber is measured with its thickness which is calculated using denier points. There are so many different kinds of microfibers available they are made out of different materials hence they vary in properties and the kind of fibers they would depend on whether these fibers are sourced from natural raw materials or artificial ones. The artificial raw materials can be nylon or polyester which allow for getting superfine microfibres from them. The use of microfibers is helping the overburden the world. Since the prices are comparatively less to the fine quality of cotton, microfibers are now most sought after. Choosing between microfiber vs cotton.

Since it is a faster process of manufacturing microfibres and weaving them finely into the desired material or fabric because we will be avoiding

  • Growing
  • Harvesting
  • Yarning
  • Other manufacturing processes

This also saves on cost, labor and time and it is definitely going to be the fabric of the future.

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