Retractable Phantom Screens – The Buyers’ Guide

Suppose you are looking for the way to keep the flow of cool breeze through your house during the summer months, probably you have considered installing the screen doors onto your door frames. There’re many screen door options that are available to tack to the door frame, however they come with own drawbacks. That is where the phantom screens will come in picture.

Phantom screens are the customized screens, which fit in your current door frames very easily. They will slide out to give cover for the doorway when required, and again slide back in the door frame & out of sight while they are not required. Here is a close look at the advantages that the phantom screens provide over the traditional screen doors.

Regular screen doors issues

One drawback of the traditional or regular screen doors is they will make it difficult to enter and exit your home. Suppose you are carrying boxes and groceries in your home, then it is tricky to open the door when working to unlock its main door. The phantom screens will stay out of way when they are not required to give you simple access to the main door.

Suppose you have lived in a house with the screen door, then you know they will get very noisy during the powerful storm. Due to the mesh makeup in most of the screen doors, the strong winds will cause your door to bang open and shut. The phantom screens will eliminate such potential and banging that is not only very irritating sound, but the potential source to your frame damage.

Retractable Phantom Screens

Different uses for the phantom screens

Besides overcoming two issues of the screen doors listed, the phantom screens provide many utilitarian advantages. If you are looking to get some fresh air in your house but to stay away from insects, you may slide out these phantom screens from the doorway. This mesh screen makes sure that the summertime pests stay out all the time.

The wide spaces and French doors were a big problem, but the phantom screens now can be installed for covering the large openings. For the French doors, one can install two screens, on both the side of a door frame, and then pulled together at the center. For the wider spaces, the motorized screens are installed that cover areas of 25 feet wide.

Aesthetic value

Another benefit to the phantom screens is by being out of sight if not in usage, they will preserve look of the doorway. Phantom screens are manufactured in various colours that will match your doors and frames looks that you have in place. Suppose you are interested to have the phantom screens in your home, then visit our online site and choose the best colour options.

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