Tips for Hanging Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors are an easy way to bring light into your home. They make a space seem bigger and create an elegant feel to any room. However, it’s never a good idea to just start slapping them up on the walls. Instead, consider the room you’re working on and experiment with placement until you find just the right arrangement. Use these tips to get you started.

Consider What’s Opposite

A mirror is going to reflect what’s opposite it, so it doesn’t make much sense to hang it across from an empty wall. Instead, choose a location that will reflect your chandelier, the beautiful garden outside your window or a stunning piece of wall art. For example, hang a large mirror on the wall beside your dining room table, then give it something to reflect with a rich wall color, a large vase of flowers and some visually appealing chairs with fun details, suggest the experts at HGTV. This idea naturally creates a desirable reflection that you’ll love looking at.

Think About the Size

A really tiny mirror won’t look that great on a long wall without windows. Likewise, a huge mirror will just look silly if you try to cram it onto a small wall. Before you hang a mirror, find a wall that the mirror looks natural on. If the mirror looks too small, consider grouping it with family photos, framed art prints or other wall hangings to balance it out.

Grouping Mirrors

Hanging several mirrors together creates a stunning collection. Choose a Dunelm mirror, or stock up on several. Hang them next to each other, leaving the same amount of space above, below and in between, on your bathroom wall. Or, stagger a few in your bedroom to naturally reflect the bedding and lighting there.

A Mirror Doesn’t Have to Hang

It might seem like hanging a mirror is the only option you have. That’s simply not true. If you have a large, heavy mirror, try leaning it up against the wall in your living room or bedroom. This way you won’t have to worry that it will fall and break, but you’ll create a unique presentation in your home.
Small mirrors look classy and elegant when propped up on a mantel, side table or bathroom counter. They’ll reflect the lovely decorative items you have displayed in front of them and you can make a look that won’t be seen in everyone else’s home. Be sure you get the mirror propped up in a stable manner so it doesn’t slide out, knocking over precious keepsakes or falling to floor and shattering.

Mirrors are a timeless piece and they work in virtually any room of your house. You can jazz up your dreary and dark bathroom or bring new life to your dining room simply by incorporating a mirror or two. Mirrors are so easy to find and they can be had with any budget, both large and small. Look for them at thrift shops, garage sales or home improvement stores. No matter where you look, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with a mirror that will look perfect in your home.

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