We all love to decorate the different rooms of our house. But do we really bother to decorate the toilets? Hardly do us, unless & until there would be guest arriving next morning. But, when all the other roomsare so decorated and well equipped with almost everything, why should we neglect the toilets? The toilets are the important place where knowingly or unknowingly we spend a lot of time with strenuous activities. The moment we enter the toilet, filthy feelings start erupting. The reasons behind these feelings are varied. The stinking and the darkness all around make us feel like hell. So, now there is a wide range of products which are laden with “glow in the dark toilet seat” facilities. So, no need of wasting time, it is the time to decorate the toilet.


This does not refer to any extra wall hangings or bulbs to be fit in the toilet. Now, it is super easy to decorate the toilets with just an illuminating toilet bowl. Moreover, this is not creative rather a cheap one too. It will be surely a fun time for the family.

The hue of the colorgives an eye-catching beauty. The shades of the light behave like the dancing lights. The toilet facilities are one of the unique ones in their type and make the toilet a beautiful place to rejoice. It is quite simple in design but is beautiful to look at. This can be a brilliant idea to skip the wall lights.

Such a plan has been thought of because people quite often are not compatible with the idea of going to the toilet at night. This is so because; it is not possible to pave the ways in a drowsy manner up to the toilet. Moreover, all of a sudden when the bright lights hit our eyes, it becomes troublesome to look making the situations to get worse. The wonderful thing about the toilet bowl is that it can sense the direction in which the person is entering the toilet. The soft shine of the light is a pleasant one and does not distract the vision.

glow in the dark toilet seat


The glow in the dark toilet seat is a pleasant experience because they can work in almost any condition:

  1. They are the most suitable ones to glow in the dark.
  2. The motion detector sensor is perfectly built to judge the direction.
  3. The induction angle is about 120 degrees.

When all the above three are met up, it will work as the best substitute for the nagging conventional toilets.


When all the 16 colors come in one, one can imagine what a beautiful artwork it will be in the form of the lights. There is no need of installing an additional night lamp system. The lights from the toilet are enough to be seen from any distance. It gives a calm and pleasant experience throughout the dark and the cold night. This will also help to have a beautiful dreamy night.


It is very hard to find products that match all the criteria equally well. So, such a bright idea for a toilet is probably thefirst one of its kind. The toilet housing system is compatible to go with any toilet sizes. They are flexible and are alsouser-friendly. They are so easy to operate that it can suit well even the elder generations. Potty session and training can be a beautiful pastime now with the ultra modern toilets.

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