Staging Your Home For A Quick Sale 20 Easy Tips To Follow

You want to sell your house as fast as possible while still getting close to your asking price. Styling and updating your home will set the stage for home selling success. Here are 20 easy to follow tips for staging your home and attracting the right buyers.

  1. Most people who come in to tour your home do a drive-by first. Enhance your home’s curb appeal by power washing the house’s siding and the walkways.
  2. Your home’s porch should look inviting, even if all you really have is a tiny stoop. Potted plants, clean furniture and a welcome mat should do the trick.
  3. There’s no better time for some spring cleaning. Get rid of the clutter by throwing out, organizing or relocating some of your belongings. To buyers, clear space translates to more space.
  4. Clean, clean, clean. Your house should be sparkling, from the ceiling fans to the floorboards. Scrub the grout, make every surface sparkle, shampoo the rugs, etc. Consider hiring a professional to come in if this is too big a job for one.
  5. Now that you’ve cleared the clutter, make your home look comfortable and lived-in. This doesn’t mean throw some newspapers on the kitchen table and leave your shoes at the door, though. Instead, put fresh flowers in vases and a bowl of fresh produce on the kitchen counter.
  6. Set up your dining room table with small arrangements down the center of it. An oversized flower arrangement will look too formal.
  7. Hot pink walls may sound fun, but when you’re staging your home, stick to neutrals only. Play with different shades, like mocha brown or gray-beige.
  8. If you have hard wood floors, have them refinished. Or, if you’re not in a position to do that, at least strategically place area rugs.
  9. Create an inviting living room by pulling the furniture away from the walls and using pairs of sofas, lamps, chairs and end tables to fill in the space.
  10. The master bedroom should be appealing to everyone, and therefore gender-neutral. Clear out personal items, use crisp linens on the bed and hang artwork on the walls.
  11. Sure, you may have four year old triplet boys running around the rec room, but that’s no reason to leave toys strewn everywhere when buyers come through. Even families with children want to see that it is possible to keep kids’ spaces organized in their possible future home.
  12. To create the illusion of spaciousness, clear out your closets so that there’s approximately 30 percent open space. Don’t skip this step – home buyers will absolutely be opening your closets!
  13. Any personal accents that you leave out should be pristine, from your robe in the bathroom to the sponge in your kitchen sink.
  14. Use up your extra rooms for most than just glorified closets. Turn your extra rooms into guest bedrooms, offices, etc.
  15. Small bathrooms look much better with a pedestal sink in it than a cabinet sink. Start looking at styles if you’re ready to tackle this project before selling.
  16. Stage for the season – a patio set in the summertime, fresh apples in the kitchen during the fall, etc.
  17. When you live with pets, you sometimes forget that other people can smell them when they walk through the door. Get rid of pet odors by vacuuming, washing surfaces and storing pet toys and food away from buyers.
  18. Sell a lifestyle. Do you have an enormous kitchen? Place a couple of freshly baked pies on the island counter. Do you live in a quiet neighborhood? Put a hammock in the backyard to add to the peacefulness.
  19. Showcase that even awkward areas can be used efficiently, like that space underneath the steps or the wall nook in your daughter’s room.
  20. Encourage visitors to explore the whole house by placing interesting items at the top of staircases and at the end of hallways.

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