Attefallshus med loft:The new way to live

Atterfallshus is a residential house of up to 25 m² and a maximum of 4 m from the ground till the top. Atterfallshuset does not require a building permit; thus, the construction process is uncomplicated.

Different solutions for Attefallshus Med Loft:

With an option to choose from different types of ready-made Attefallshus Med Loft’s, and keeping in mind your needs, they can be built to fit them best.

The houses are built in a very space efficient manner, accommodating a loft and toilet. A loft with a slightly lower ceiling height upstairs allows downstairs to be used for regular day to day activities, kitchen, living room, lavatory, or however you may choose to use the space.

The building fees are kept low so that the customer has the opportunity to purchase amongst options such as balconies and installation packages. The houses are tailored to your wishes and with multiple variants available it’s you who can decide how you want the house.

The use of the space is done in an efficient manner, where we maximize the interior space especially the headroom. The loft is designed according to your needs everything is done in a smart and simple way, and the house is guaranteed to pay back several times.


Is the Attefallshus Med Loft profitable?

Attefallshus with a loft provides for additional room, especially when you have guests over. The concept is that they are allowed to have their own space once you are done socializing, and you do not have to stay up in each other’s way all the time. The loft also comes handy for homeowners who live in a city with students and can make a profitable deal by hiring out your cabin especially in cities where there is lack of housing; this can form an additional source of income.

Attefallshus Med loft in the yard;

The Attefallshus has a variety of uses. Let’s consider you own a farm; having the Attefallshus can have several advantages. It can be used as a party venue, thus avoiding inviting dinner guests and more to the real house. It can also be used as a workshop for small-scale construction and repairs in and around the house or the farm, and storage for your tools and equipment that you would otherwise not place inside the main house. The Attefallshus can also be used as an office space outside of the real home; this is a boon for people who prefer not to mix the workplace and the household. 

Installation and miscellaneous

The installation process is straightforward and can be done by you as well; however, the company does provide for hiring personnel to ensure that the house is built safely and to the highest standard. The installation prices vary from the one without the loft versus the one with the loft. However, the installation process would not include any additional works outside the parameters of the design ensured, such as painting, electrical, sewage or foundation work.

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